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Sell Your Autographs!



Selling autographs? WE are the dealer for you!

Piece of the Past is THE place to sell your autographs, as we are the largest entertainment memorabilia seller in the world!

Piece of the Past and Kevin Martin are ALWAYS buying collections!

We buy vintage, modern materials, U.S. Presidents, authors, letters, documents, awards, props from film and television, musical instruments played by rock stars, costumes and wardrobe, literature, artists, sports, entertainment, etc… We buy it all! 

That’s important to you because most dealers will try and cherry pick your items, maybe even paying well for a couple of items while outright stealing the rest.

Why sell to us? Because we need all price point items from a dollar to a million dollars. We sell in weekly, no-reserve auctions on our website as well as worldwide sales through portals like Invaluable, iCollector, and Live Auctioneers. We also sell at live auction events (some televised on ESPN throughout the year), so we need a lot of great material constantly and at all price points.

WE PURCHASE YOUR ENTIRE COLLECTION, not just the cream – netting you overall much more in cash!

Another reason to sell to us is our honesty. Sure, everyone says they are honest, but first we have to follow the ethics codes by many professional organizations we are members of: Better Business Bureau (we know of only three other dealers who belong in the entire industry), UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club), Ephemera Society, Society of Appraisers, IADA/CC, and others. Plus, our owner; Kevin Martin, has written The Official Price Guide to Autographs (in four editions) for the past twenty years, so we can’t very well cheat you on prices when WE set them in the first place!

Unlike our government, we are transparent and will be happy to show you the values of anything you are wanting to sell us before making an offer. We know of so many horror stories of heirs of a collector inheriting a collection who then sell it to a dealer who ripped them off. Even high profile auction houses do it! They figure once you sell everything to them,you won’t have anything else to sell them, so why not screw you? 

As we just showed you, we have to follow the ethics standards of over seven professional organizations plus we are the ones who write the price guide! Who else can say that? Obviously, no one.

As the largest dealer in entertainment memorabilia, we buy millions of dollars every year in material and collections, and we’ve been in business for over 30 years! We handled the Marlon Brando estate years ago, and for years owned The Hollywood Show, which hosts celebrities who come sign autographs for fans. We purchased Star Wares, the largest seller of props and costumes direct from the studios and stars, over ten years ago, and we own Celebrity Framing; the largest and best custom framing facility for your memorabilia as well!

WE HAVE THE MONEY – We don’t need payment plans. We will pay you within 48 hours of receiving your collection after we have agreed on a price and will pay you by bank wire, PayPal, checks overnight, any method you prefer. We even paid one seller in gold! If you’re still not convinced and think you would like to try and get closer to retail on your items, consign to us!

As we stated earlier, we can sell high-end items for you directly to customers or auction normal items in our weekly auctions and worldwide auctions, paying you in two weeks. We promise, as former game show host Chuck Woolery used to say “to do it in two and two.” We guarantee to list your items in an auction within two weeks of getting them from you, and paying you for all sales within two weeks of the auction’s ending!

No one else can do that for you. In fact, most auction houses want months to set up auctions and a minimum of a month after to pay you. What if the item the auction house sells doesn’t get paid for by the buyer? We will pay you anyway! Nobody else does that either!

Contact us today to get your cash tomorrow!

Piece of the Past, Inc. 
Kevin Martin, CEO
9030 W. Sahara Ave. #448
Las Vegas, NV 89117